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POWER = What you can control

FREEDOM = What you can liberate and set free

Which of these do you think is the greater – that which can be controlled or that which is beyond our control and perception?  In my world, freedom is much bigger than power since the very need to control something requires restrictions and limitations which inevitably reaches a boundary.    Whereas, the mere liberation of setting something free removes all boundaries.

Boundaries are created when expectations are set.   This prevents other possibilities being available outside of the parameters set by one’s mind.   However, liberation is born through the act of letting go of control and trusting in its completion or that something much greater will be received.

It’s here problems arise.  Most people fear letting go of control and instead of trusting their desired outcome will unfold, they keep driving and pushing, forcing their desire(s) into manifestation.       I am all too familiar with this scenario.   I have spent many years pushing hard to expand my business successes only to have been met by its very elusiveness and resistance.

Pushing and shoving always yields a negative force when the energy generated leads to bad feelings of heaviness and discomfort.   Feelings that are heavy or problematic, always carry a lower vibrational frequency and just don’t feel so good.  Whatever frequency a business or person chooses to operate from consciously or unconsciously, is matched by the same external frequency.   The frequency generated is then amplified and reflected back thereby increasing its intensity.

On the other hand, allowing energy to flow naturally by staying focused on the end goal and letting go of any attachment in respect of how to get there, feelings of lightness are generated.   These feelings are in alignment with the higher vibrational frequencies that shift the formless into form.   It is from this place abundant and limitless opportunities are available because the energy is free and able to flow.    

However, in contrast, lower vibrations create blockages that prevent a natural flow of ideas and synchronicities.  This is because the energy is either being forced into a certain direction or the energy is being held so tight it becomes restricted and can no longer move freely.    

Anything based in the world of energy has an energetic pattern that will be shaped and transformed depending on the energies interacting with it.   Energy is a life force that is attracted to higher vibrational frequencies such as gratitude and joy.   When the latter applies, energy will always find its way back to find its natural state of flow.  

In conclusion, power is limited to the capability of the mind that is controlling it whereas, freedom has infinite possibilities.

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