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Is your energy system running at peak performance or are you finding yourself depleted of energy, frustrated, overwhelmed and generally feeling out of kilter?

If this is you, now is the time to observe what is going on with your energy levels and and move towards adjusting it for it may well be blocking you from breaking through to your next level!

This was me, I kept finding myself stuck in an endless loop where I would reach a certain level and find myself having to start all over again. Totally exhausted and almost ready to throw in the towel I was guided to focus on my energy and how it was impacting what I was doing and how I was doing it.

Bit by bit I began understanding more about the functioning of my body and what to do to get it to reach peak performance both energetically and physically. For what felt like the first time ever, it’s here my mind found inner peace. With much practice I am now able to remain calm, balanced and focused and as a result, my days simply flow more easily.

Having recently embarked on a practice called Quantum Flow I was taken to a completely new level of understanding on the art and science of how and why this actually works.

I knew our bodies are a storehouse of information that we have gathered throughout our lives and that some of the information unwittingly blocks us from achieving certain goals which come in the form of limiting beliefs. I didn’t know that these blocks are actually physical blocks residing in our nervous system like crystals. We tend to believe thinking is all done in the brain but in fact, every cell in our body is like a mini brain that carries information all around our bodies. So, everything we think and feel has a direct impact on our bodies which is transported around our system through our nervous system. Does it now make sense how certain illnesses relate to certain parts of our bodies caused by certain thought patterns? Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle fitting in.

When our bodies hold on to this outdated information, it causes a disruption in the transference of information directly impacting our energetic alignment.


Our DNA is coded with certain information that not only defines the colour of the eyes, hair and skin, it also carries information from our ancestors. As you can imagine, a lot of this information /coding is passed down from generation to generation. But us human’s have the capacity to change our own DNA.


Clearing the blocks and upgrading the inner circuitry gets the energy to flowing freely around the body without the distortions or limiting beliefs hampering or distorting information putting us back into energetic alignment.

This is where the power of the breath gets us back to our natural state which is being in Quantum Flow.

Through a series of breath work, movement and focus, we are able to biohack our bodies to release the crystals of blocked information and recode it to a higher frequency energy that will be in alignment with what you are calling in.

Another important aspect of Quantum Flow is getting really clear on your purpose. This takes time and the more time you give to this process the easier it will be to alchemise the blocked energies. Getting to your truth of who you really are and feeling it to be true, rather than doubting yourself through the blocked limiting beliefs, will put you in full energetic alignment to what you are wanting to draw in from formless into form. You become the energetic vibrational match that you are drawing into your reality. Your thoughts (an electrical current) are in alignment with your emotions (magnetic field) and this signal is sent out into your electromagnetic field which attracts back the matching energy.

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